Land Portal and the IPDRS launch a publication about land tenure systems in some Latin American countries (English/Spanish)

The Land Portal Foundation and the Institute for Rural Development of South America - Instituto Para el Desarrollo Rural de Sudamérica (IPDRS) are pleased to announce the publication of country narratives for Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru that describe land tenure systems, historical context, trends in land use and key challenges and problems facing each country.

The country narratives represent the culmination of a partnership between the Land Portal and IPDRS as a local data hub in South America. In the context of this partnership, the Land Portal and the IPDRS worked together to develop the necessary capacities to link specialized knowledge on land issues between the two initiatives and to promote free access (Linked Open Data) to 589 investigations, case studies, articles, essays, books and other documents.

A key component of this collaboration was an online discussion on Collective property in South America, challenges, and prospects. The IPDRS and the Land Portal would like to take advantage of this opportunity to also announce the publication or a report on the main points discussed in this debate (in Spanish), which can be downloaded on the Land Portal or the IPDRS website.

here is the link to the publication

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