Land Portal Discussion: Open data in land governance (February 2016)

Cadasta Foundation is pleased to announce that we are partnering with the Land Portal Foundation to organize an online discussion on Open Data and Land. From September 6th – 20th, 2016, we will facilitate a LandDebate on the Land Portal. We hope to hear from a diverse range of stakeholders, including CSOs, community organizations, government officials, private sector actors and researchers.

To be a part of the Land Debate, simply register as a user on the Land Portal. Then, you’ll be able to dive right in when the conversation begins on September 5th through the Open Data and Land page. If you’d like to reach out with questions on the content, how to get involved or to contribute comments in advance of the LandDebate, contact us at! Finally, to get some background on open data in land, check out Cadasta’s existing resources on the topic. We’re excited to hear from you.


Hi Lindsay! Welcome to the Global Legal Empowerment Network! It’s great to meet you and we’re glad you are here. This discussion you are organizing with our friends at looks really interesting and I will certainly follow along! Please remember to circle back here to let us know about key outcomes/learnings when the discussion has concluded. You can also upload a post-discussion report to the network resource library.

I moved your topic into the #land category and tagged it #governance and #land to hopefully put it in front of members who are particularly interested.

@namati_clp - can you join this discussion and help spread the word?


Thanks! We’ll definitely share the results with the forum once the discussion is finished.

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REMINDER: The LandDebate starts today! We hope you’ll contribute to the discussion here. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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