Landscape transformation: what does power have to do with it?

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I wanted to share these notes from a recent webinar by the Global Landscapes Forum with Tania Li, Derek Hall, and Philip Hirsch. Unfortunately I couldn’t find an online recording of the webinar to share.

Their book Powers of Exclusion: Land Dilemmas in Southeast Asia looks at transformations of land tenure systems through changes in exclusion – who has the ability to exclude whom and under what conditions. The other main focus is on different types of power at play, including discursive power and the types of power that smallholders wield. It’s an interesting way to tie together analysis of changes in customary systems with state regulation and market dynamics. While the book draws on field work from SE Asia, including Indonesia and Myanmar, the ideas have broad applicability for analyzing complex tenure issues and conducting policy advocacy.

Tania Li does very thoughtful work. Two other recent pieces by her on oil palm in Indonesia that are of interest:

Curious to hear any reactions you have to their ideas!



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I missed the webminar about Landscape transformation. Could you please share you note with me? Thank you so much.

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