Large scale land investments and Sierra Leone’s draft National Land Policy

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Sonkita Conteh, Diector of Namati Sierra Leone, discusses how the country’s upcoming land reform could approach large scale and foreign investment into land, originally published at   A series of short videos on the website of Sierra Leone’s investment promotion agency (SLIEPA) tout the country as one of the most attractive oases for investment. “Business friendly reforms…. tough anti-corruption laws…. attractive incentives….abundant natural resources…. and 5.4 million hectares of arable land make Sierra Leone one of the best destinations for investment in Africa”, according to one. Globally, the competition for foreign direct investment (FDI) is fierce but sub-Saharan Africa seems to…


i am inn Sierra Leone too working with CECI i want to this fundraising and grant to disseminate some aspect of the National Land Policy in the Kambia District of sierra leone

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Thanks for being on the forum @PATIENCE and for doing good work on land policy dissemination in Kambia. The policy holds great promise for our country and your work is important to bring this to reality.

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