Last day at Namati!

Hello everyone, today is my last day at Namati. It has been wonderful to work with such thoughtful, welcoming and justice minded people. I am grateful to have had such a positive work experience early in my career. Thank you all!

I’ll be continuing my graduate studies in documentary journalism, but will keep watching the important work that Namati is doing around the globe. I hope that our paths cross again, as so many stories of Namatians and Network members are important stories that are worth telling.

All the best,



Hey Maddy, I’m glad we had the chance to work together in the DC office. Best of luck with your graduate studies!


It’s goodbye but not farewell, Maddy! Thank you so much for your contributions as network associate. It’s been a pleasure working with you throughout and I am going to miss you!

You’re still a member here and always welcome to stop by the forum to say hello, and to update us on your career in documentary journalism. If you ever want to come back to do a member interview, you are most welcome! :wink:


@madelinegunderson , you have left your mark on our team and on Namati. You’ve impressed us with your creativity, efficiency, and warm team spirit. I know that you will always be a voice for justice - we’ll follow your career with anticipation! We’re especially eager to see what comes of your documentary project in Argentina. Please don’t be a stranger to our network, or to our team…drop me a line when you are next in DC!


Many thanks your excellent contributions to the cause, remember keep your position in life and always shine like the star that you are.


As a new member i will be missing part of the great brain at Namati community discusion plutform. John Masuwa


We will surely miss you @madelinegunderson!! It’s been great to work with you and I wish you all the best with your studies!

I hope our paths cross again :dancer:


I encountered with you @madelinegunderson in the exchange_2018kenya and it was my pleasure to meet you they say new friends new energy as you said, hopefully our paths will criss-cross again. May God protect all of us especially during this Covid-19 season.