Lawyers galore in Budapest

Namaste friends,

This coming week I’m giving a keynote address at the global forum of the public interest law network. I’ll also be hosting a 2 hour practical seminar on legal empowerment methods for 80 of the participants. The forum is about 40% lawyers from private firms, 40% public interest lawyers, and the rest are students and funders.

Looking forward to meeting kindred spirits, and hoping to deepen awareness of the legal empowerment movement among the public-minded wings of the bar.

Let me know if you’ll be there, or if there are particular messages you feel are important to convey, or if you have a great lawyer joke I should tell while I’m there. :smile:


cc: @namati_staff


All the best for the keynote and the seminar, @vivekmaru . Im sure it will be v good.

One of my favourite descriptions of LE is by @mrhegde. He says with LE you can solve problems without having to bite. In many cases just showing your teeth will be enough. :laughing:


Thank you @manjumenon. @mrhegde, I love that line! Happy Diwali from Budapest…