Learning to Change the World

Originally published at: http://namati.org/stories/learning-to-change-the-world/
Faith Ochieng lives and works by the words of Nelson Mandela’s famous quote: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” For her, that ‘education’ includes legal education.

Faith works with Kituo cha Sheria (KITUO), a human rights NGO committed to helping disadvantaged, poor and marginalized people in Kenya know their legal rights and access justice. KITUO is well established, with six justice centers, but they still face numerous challenges. Finding funding for their centers was Faith Ochieng consistently a problem, as was documentation of experiences and successes. Faith also wanted to push the organization further, to expand its reach and impact.

In April 2015, Faith decided to join the Global Legal Empowerment Network’s first learning exchange to see if it might help her find solutions to her issues…

Read the full story on Namati’s website to find out what @Faith learned and how she applied it to improve her organization: https://namati.org/stories/learning-to-change-the-world/


I am inspired.Thanks for sharing

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I was at (KituoCha Sheria(KITUO) in 2016 , we went for an exchange program funded by USAID in Collaboration with Search For Common Groung (SFCG) . we learned many new innovations on human rights issues , though the time was too short but how i wish i got that opportunity again, Is an organisation worthy of emulation