Leaving behind digital rights in Nigeria?

I speak truth and write to you about my passionate commitment to the defense of vulnerable Nigerians and their digital rights.

My name is Dennis Ekwere, Focal Person for - “Children and Young People Living for Peace (CYPLP)”.

I have started a petition to speak to increasing abuse of Nigerians rights to #data privacy online, and point our government that is giving blind eyes to it that digital rights are human rights.

Rights that nobody dares or care enough to advocate for all, especially rights of the poor, vulnerable and the weak online. Rights that even those that are being violated do not even know about it as their rights. Is the reason why I want to voice and stop this ongoing abuse just that, I need your support for my cause.

I am reaching out to you to help me spread the link of this petition for amplification with your networks and on your social media too.

I recognize that nobody have right to disclose or use our personal information that we use in filling an online form to the public without our #consent and permission. And when that’s done, is absolutely wrong and we shouldn’t keep quiet about it. But that’s ongoing in Nigeria as date and I am disturbed and concerned.

Against it is why I voice at risk. So please help me sign this petition here now to stop digital rights violation in Nigeria - Petition · Violation of digital rights of Nigerians · Change.org

And also watch my back in this fight for digital rights for all.

Thank you.

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