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(Rachel Magege) #1

@vicent hello! How are you today? I’d like to introduce myself. I am Rachel Magege from Tanzania also. I was drawn to your profile because I see that you work in legal aid. May you please tell me more about it and if you have any advice for me as an upcoming lawyer, I’ll truly appreciate it.

Thank you for your time, Rachel Magege

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(Bernard Otieno) #4

Hi Rachel we are currently implementing a project on Improved District Paralegal Capacity in Geita region in collaboration with New Light Children Center Organization as a lead organization of this project funded by Legal Service Facility (LSF). Our main activities are provide legal aid to the needy and empower paralegals and paralegal units to provide quality and effective legal aid to the community.

(Rachel Magege) #5

Hello @Otieno. Congratulations with this project. I think it is a highly needed project for the communities in Geita, and other areas that face similar legal shortcomings. What have you been able to accomplish so far? And I plan to return to Tanzania in December, may I kindly stop by your offices to say hello and get a sense of what you are all doing?

(Ali Hassan) #6

I am very impressed to hear from you that at the future you want to be a lawyer. The professional need to be ethical, researcher, commitment,


Bonjour Rachel M. C’est le bon endroit pour avoir des bons conseils dans le cadre de votre activité en Tanzanie ! Nous vous encourageons Merci

(Rachel Magege) #8

Thank you very much for your kind words! And I’m so sorry it took me long to respond.:sob:

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