Legal aid or land rights organizations in Tanzania?

Do any network members have any connections with land or legal aid organizations in Tanzania? I am working with a small pastoralist organization in Kiteto District that applied for support through Lawyers for Resource Justice, but it would be more appropriate for a national organization or lawyer to advise them. Any suggestions of organizations or advocates to reach out to would be most helpful.

Shout-out time! Thank you to our wonderful network members and other allies for responding to this call for advice and support for the SWEAT Development Programme in Tanzania and @gabrielmariteoletuke:

Bravo Global Legal Empowerment Network! :smile:


Hello Marena!

Forum for Legal Assistance is willing to provide legal advice to SWEAT Development Program and To develop approaches which will ensure legal assistance/empowerment to the members of Emborley Murtangos Community Reserve and To initiate dialogue between members of Emborley Murtangos Community Reserve and responsible Government officers in Kiteto District.