Legal aid to women in small mining

Women rights in small mining sector in Kahama Shinyanga Tanzania meet with teddy and chausiku work in small mining sector in Mwakitolyo Kahama, women’s involvement in small scale and mining activities contributes to the family.

Women in small mining not only contribute to the available working force that directly feeds the economy, they also drive changing the culture of mining. In particular, they challenge the gender stereotypes that portray mining as being suitable for men only and, therefore, their presence contributes to the promotion of gender equity in the industry. However, despite the value of women in small mining, they continue to feel marginalized in the small mining activities.

Due to the fact that the involvement of women in small mining is a new phenomenon, these women face a number of challenges. For example challenges facing women in small mining include gender based violence around mining areas. Lack of men support during working activities around mining area.

As paralegals we should work hard to help women who working in small mining to get their rights and to ensure that all women working in small mining should be respected for their work like men.


congratulations @Paulinajuma still problem in mining industry for women to get their rights


Thank you, @Paulinajuma, for the fascinating introduction to the work of paralegals who support women working the small mining sector. More visibility is needed on this issue, as the female workforce grows. These pioneering women deserve to have their rights, safety, and livelihoods protected and supported.

I wonder if you have any success stories or lessons/tips to share with others who are working under similar circumstances?


Congratulation for you have hit the bull-eye.In mining areas women face the sexual harassment,delay of their payment and health security.I propose to you this that,try to organize the network connecting women from different mining areas so that they can easily channel you their available challenges,providing them with legal advises when required.Unaweza tumia pia mitandao ya kijamii katika kuwaunganisha pamoja na hivyo mkawa na jukwaa ambalo utakaloweza kuongelea mambo mbalimbali yawahusuyo ikiwemo kuwaelimisha kuhusu haki zao na hii ndio faida ya kukua kwa teknolojia ya mawasiliano na habari,inayosaidia kuwaweka watu wa mbali kwa ukaribu.

yes that is problem which need to be advocated here in Tanzania

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Thank you Paulina Juma. This indeed is a great initiative to support women access justice. I have been providing free legal services with support of paralegals to the vulnerable and marginalized communities for over 7 years now and women have been the highest seeking legal aid support with a wide range of legal issues.

From your experience so far, I kindly want to know the nature of cases highly registered by these women.

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