Legal aid week in tanzania

WEEK OF LEGAL AID/WIKI YA MSAADA WA KISHERIA Tomorrow we are going to inaugurate the week of Legal Aid. This year we have a very good team to serve all in Geita, Mwanza, Shinyanga Regions, our team includes: Law Society of Kenya(Kenya), Uganda Law Society(Uganda), Tanganyika Law Society(Tanzania), The Canadian Bar Association(Canada), East Africa Law Society, NELICO, and Himiza Social Justice. Actual working in a team is very good to have rights people on images|679x452 with specialization, for example, Canadian Bar they good in Land issues that are happening in mining sectors.


Silas, thank you for sharing. This is really an admirable regional approach in promoting access to justice. It is my belief that this week will assist those that are need. Please do share with us the outcomes of Legal Aid Week. Shukran!