Legal Empowerment and Technology Design Best Practices

Hi all!

I recently wrote a 3-part series about my experience facilitating co-design engagements for three legal empowerment and technology projects I’ve been leading. Our team learned a lot about facilitating equitable design experiences in remote settings.

Has anyone else used design in their legal empowerment work recently? I’ve been a fan of Mural for virtual facilitation. Are there any tools others have used that you would recommend?


Thanks so much Katie for sharing your experiences. Very helpful!

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Very helpful indeed Katie - Many thanks for sharing

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Thanks for sharing these insightful pieces, @katielam! I happened across your post and really liked the explanation and thoughtfulness of the Co-Design Activities for Remote Workshops blog. I also appreciated the insights outlined in the virtual design sprint blog as they deal with common challenges in our increasingly virtual world these days. I have also been thinking of ways to pick member’s minds on innovative ways to engage better virtually and found these useful.

I will have to check out Mural too. :slight_smile: