Legal empowerment as a living soul in vulnerable women and girls

Legal empowerment to grassroot and vulnerable women and girls is like chlorophyll. chlorophyll is the green coloring matter in a leaf.

However, nutritionists argue that chlorophyll has a huge impact on both plants and human beings. That it helps people to boost their red blood cells, help with weight loss, heal damaged skin, neutralize toxins,cut inflammation among other things. In green plants, chlorophyll is a living soul and once it ceases, plants drys up or perish and perhaps surfer irreparable damages.

Likewise, in the absence of legal empowerment to the most needy that seeks to establish the rule of law and ensure equal and equitable access to justice and tackle the root causes of exclusion, vulnerability, legal empowerment is both preventive and curative. It goes way beyond to the grundnorm that seem to suggest that the same should inherently and be embedded in the basic norm or rule/order that form the basis for constitutionalism and the rule of law that should be promoted and enhanced by the states to give a living soul to vulnerable women and girls at the grassroot to raise up and defend their fundamental rights and civil liberties.

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Good observation Thomas, we need to work on this issue

Thomas can you suggest solutions? I am the person you are describing, a very vulnerable person, and its very difficult to access justice. How can you help? Or what do you recommend as a first step for someone like me?


@ Madison, thank you for reaching out to me. The roads to Justice must be free and simple to be accessed by every person irrespective of all what you can imagine. However, and to be able to recommend an intervention that could address your predicament, could you kindly share with me atlist the kind Justice you are seeking and if you really think that it’s confidential and you can not share or be advised in an open platform like this, kindly contact me @ for guidance and I believe that it is our combined effort and responsibility to support you to get required justice. In solidarity!

Alternatively, you can go seek legal aid services to the nearest service provider in your area of jurisdiction who will take up your case from there and you will be attended to