Legal Empowerment Leadership Course, Session IV: Communications for Impact

(Anthony Marzan) #1

To empower or disempower? What impactful communication can achieve for legal empowerment

There was an intense but fruitful discussion on Day 3 of the Global Legal Empowerment Leadership Course on the impact of communication to the legal empowerment work especially when communication was manipulated and used as a tool to spread lies, fear and anger. But at the end of the day, the participants agree to the truthful use of communication and that communication can be a powerful tool to achieve our objective of social justice for the voiceless and marginalised.

(Margaret Satterthwaite) #2

Great discussion on communications today! Here’s a resource I have found to be super useful in comms work. It’s US-focused, but the main takeaways are relevant more broadly:

The Opportunity Agenda, “Visions, Values, and Voice: A Social Justice Communications Toolkit” :

Also–this tool from the same group helps you construct social justice messages:

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