Legal empowerment of women in the informal sector

Fear of reprisal, extreme economic vulnerability, stigmatic nature of the issue, lack of family support and ignorance of the law causes women in the informal sector to tolerate sexual harassment and exploitation at their workplace, as per a study-Strengthening the Access of Women in the Informal Sector to their Right to Protection from Sexual Harassment at Workplace – conducted by Multiple Action Research Group (MARG) and the Asia Foundation.

The Sexual harassment of women at workplace (Prevention,Prohibition, and Redressal) Act 2013 or SHW Act , came into operation in 2013. MARG particularly emphasizes on the need for the government to sensitize employers, and create awareness on what SHW is; emphasizing that the government, “needs to put systems in place to ensure women get justice.”

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Thank you for sharing this - what these women shared is all to common and I am happy to hear that MARG is able to help those being harassed, cheated and abused! Have you heard of this new fund (for now it is focused in the US), it came from the #MeToo movement, there are a lot of useful resources in there and it will be interesting to see if this will become more global to reflect the experience of women all over the world.