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Hi all! I wanted to share an update from my organization about a legal empowerment project that incorporates several strategies to improve access to disaster legal aid.

My colleague recently completed a project that combines legal empowerment, popular education, and equity design to create a visual guide for disaster relief victims in the United States. Our team is really proud of this work because disaster legal aid in the US is extremely complex, so it took a lot of effort and collaboration to ensure that this guide could truly serve survivors during a tumultuous period in their lives.

You can check out the guide itself here:

If you’re interested in learning more, you can check out the press release here.

I’ll be presenting during a webinar about the project on Wednesday, January 29, 2020 at 1:00 pm ET. The title of the webinar is “Figuring Out FEMA: A Trauma-informed Resource for Disaster Survivors”. Register [here](!!

I also blogged about the process behind designing this tool. Check out my interview with the designer and my colleague here!

Some of my favorite images from the guide:

Hope to see you all on the webinar!


Thanks for sharing, @katielam! The guide is easy to read and understand, and fills a critical knowledge gap for many people. Congratulations to you all on a job well done. I particularly enjoyed learning about the design process and how visuals can help to break down complex and esoteric legal processes.


Thank you very much for sharing! @katielam @abigailmoy

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@QaisarIqbal wrote by email:

Thank you so much for your email and sharing the practical detail of your experience that will really help me and our respected networking practioners.


Many thanks to let us learn more about your work. It’s a practial experience, indeed.


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