Legal Empowerment Workshop, 7th Asia Pro Bono Conference, Migrants Rights Workshop

The 7th Asia Pro Bono Conference will be held on October 25-27, 2018 at the Harbour Grand Hotel in North Point Hong Kong. Before the main conference, Namati, OSJI, and BABSEACLE will convene a Legal Empowerment Workshop on October 24th. The main conference will be followed by the Cross-Border Migrants Rights: Legal Claims Strategies Workshop on October 29-30.


I will be very interested to hear about the workshop ,it will be wise for you to report or give us feedback about the workshop because here in Flagstaff Eastern Cape have a lot of Migrants who want to go back to their countries for specific periods like three months and come back without cancellation of their permit so I like to know that is it possible for them to be get a letter for Department of Home Affairs that support the return of their traveling from South Africa to Ethiopia and back to South Africa without cancellation of permit?

Regards Miss Bomkazi Mhlongo Office Coordinator Flagstaff Paralegal Advice Centre (COMMUNITY ADVICE )

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It’s exciting that so many events will be happening in Hong Kong next week!

I’ll be in town for a Statelessness Network Asia Pacific (SNAP) roundtable focused on community-based approaches to documenting citizenship and other forms of legal identity. It will build on the Namati-OSJI citizenship practitioner’s guide, which was developed in cooperation with UNHCR and published earlier this year.

Unfortunately I won’t make it in time for the Legal Empowerment Workshop on the 24th, but I look forward to hearing updates and outcomes! :smile:

Hope to be able to interact with other network members who will be in Hong Kong for the 7th Asia Pro Bono Conference, LE Workshop, and other events!


Hi, are registrations closed for the workshops already?

Hi, the registration is already closed as the conference will start two days from now.

Thank you hope next time will get the information early.

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