Legal Strategist

As the world has changed and economies around the world have shrunk so has the access to funding shrunk. It was when COVID 19 struck that I had to relook at how I was able to raise funding for the less fortunate. After many sleepless nights I finally came up with an idea and that was to become a legal strategist for businesses which today has led me to consulting for corporate companies. Not only do I get paid for my legal experience but it has “opened doors” to financing and donations for the very people I am helping. Once I have established myself and proven my legal worth to the CEO’s they are more than happy to finance my cause. Each and everyone one of us the ability to think outside of the box when we really truly want to make a difference.

Best Wishes To All. Johan Claassens (Mpsy.D) Ph.D PPL (Law)


This is a great hope for most of us who are more vulnerable to COVID 19 due to the situation of our status and cannot access funding due to the same crisis. We salute you Dr. Johan for your great idea. Keep on. Stay Safe Dr. Johan


Thank you John for your kind words. Stay safe and be blessed.

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