LEN-SEA Subgroup Sessions Held

The Legal Empowerment Network-Southeast Asia (LEN-SEA) formed 3 subgroups to tackle different issues and the initiatives for legal empowerment in each.


On May 24, 2022, the Land and Environmental Justice Subgroup of the LEN-SEA held a discussion session to discuss understanding land rights and environmental justice issues and its intersections in Southeast Asia.

The speakers and panelists include:

  • Atty. Marlon Manuel (NAMATI) - Understanding Legal Empowerment Work on Land Rights and Environmental Justice
  • Atty. Sor.Rattanamanee Polkla (Thailand) - Panelist
  • Atty. Claire Demaisip (Philippines) - Panelist
  • U Thay Lwin (Myanmar) - Panelist
  • Manolinh Thepkhamvong (Laos) - Panelist
  • Vuthy Sem (Cambodia) – Panelist

There were participants from Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and Laos.

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On May 25, 2022, the Citizenship and Refugee Subgroup of LEN-SEA held to discuss Citizenship and Emerging Issues of Refugees in Southeast Asia.

The presenters include:

  • Maalini Romalo (DHRRA Malaysia) – “Refugee and Statelessness in Southeast Asia”
  • Atchara Chan-o-kul (IRC, Thailand) – “Focus on Refugees and Refugee Camps in Thailand”
  • Naiyana Thanawattho (Thailand) – “Laws that impact on Refugees in Thailand”
  • Mr. Angga Reynady (SUAKA, Indonesia) – “Legal Empowerment of Refugees in Indonesia”

There were participants from Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philippines.

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On June 2, 2022, the Gender Justice Subgroup of the LEN-SEA held a meeting-workshop to discuss the following:

  • How the judiciaries are mainstreaming gender equality
  • Sharing of good practices from the member organizations of LEN-SEA
  • For the rest of the participants to share their insights and experiences through the breakout session

The resource speakers include:

  • Bestha Inatsan Ashila (IJRS or Indonesia Judicial Research Society) – “Mainstreaming Gender Equality in Access to Justice”
  • Atty. Tonet Ramos (The Asia Foundation, Philippines) – “HERstory in Numbers: Female Judges, Diversity and Mobility in the Philippine Judiciary”
  • Meila Nurul Fajriah (YLBHI, Indonesia) – “Mainstreaming Gender Equality in the Judiciary and CSO Legal Empowerment Work”
  • Maalini Romalo (DHRRA Malaysia) – “The DHRRA Malaysia Experience”
  • Mr. Ritz Lee Santos III (BALAOD Mindanaw, Philippines) – “Gender Justice”

There were participants from Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Cambodia.

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Wonderful work ongoing in that part of the globe.

This really worth sharing. Keep the good work. This can also be a learning point for us all to try some innovative ideas at local level towards legal empowerment that can suit our culture, available platform and resources.

Lossie Konneh Sierra Leone.

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These sessions are great and the participants looked delightful! Thank you Rene for sharing. Conversation at regional level are really important to have focused discussions on region-specific struggle.