Let's be HUMAN together

Diversity always breeds new ideas and fresh starts, while innovation is an essential Ingredient for any meaningful paradigm shift.

I am all for inclusive actions towards an improved ecosystem & a sustained habitable society; Human Rights & equity being my primary focus. It is therefore imperative for me to emphasise that human rights belong to humans. Constantly bearing in mind that women, men, children, diverse and minority groups are part of HUMANS.

We owe it to ourselves to constantly instil this in our consciousness, lest we get consumed by the hypocrisy of selective Justice.


Human rights violations are mostly perpetrated by those in authority, from the Urban poor Community’s to the highest corridors of power. Studies in the past has shown that Chief’s and Oba’s and Community leaders, who are given authority to lead their people, have turned out to be tyrant’s and a torn in the flesh of those they rule over. If we can get the right people in power, then the issues of human rights abuse will be minimal for a good leader will always protect his people’s rights from being violated. We on our part should do our best to seek for justice for all without being selective or tribalistic in our approach to seeking for justice for those under our care. The truth is bitter but sweet when justice prevails

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I completely agree @Aderonke. This year I took part in an East African Human Rights Program that deeply touched on the aspect of using a human rights based approach in the work we do. It was enlightening and a great reminder for us all to have empathy from the bottom of our hearts - because the hypocrisy is REAL.

The program was funded by EQUITAS Canada and facilitated by TUSONGE Community Development in Tanzania. If you’d like, I would be happy to share with you more about what we learned :blush:


Hi Rachel! I’m touched that you find this relatable, and quite excited that your worked is hinged on the human rights-based approach; we need more of those. Thanks for offering to share your learnings with me, i would love to know more!


Lovely to hear from you @Aderonke. If you’d like to reach out, we can set up a time to talk more. My email is rmagege91@gmail.com and my whatsapp number is +255 762 721323.

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