Let's create a french language category on the forum

Thanks for your support, I am really happy to join this network.

I am convinced that I shall get many things from here, that will help our organization and myself to improve our services to our beneficiaries and get solutions to some problems we are facing in our daily activities.

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You are welcome @BYAMALONG! I am very glad to see you here and hope you decide to log in regularly.

It’s interesting to read on your bio that you are a congolese human rights activist living and studying in Uganda. We have 40+ members from DRC and for many of them language is a barrier to logging in and participating. Maybe we could work together to help them. Let me know if this idea strikes you.

bonsoir merci de l’honneur que vous me faites en m’accueillant dans votre grande famile. actuellement nous travaillons avec mon organisation sur les droits des peuples autochtones au foncier . tout aide dans le domaine est le bienvenu.


thank you for your message, What you said is really true, because in DR Congo English is not our first language but I have the chance to stay in some countries where English is spoken that helped me to improve my English. As a member who wants to see the network going forward I am ready to help those friends because I am sure that our support will be very important to them so that they may contribute their ideas to the network. you can tell me then the procedure to follow to help them. Thanks


Thank you for your offer to help members in the Democratic Republic of Congo to join the and participate in the forum in French. That would be a wonderful contribution to our community!

Our forum provides automatic translation of posts for those who have successfully signed up and chose a different preferred language. Many languages including French are supported. Maybe sometime soon even swahili will be an option! Unfortunately for now the registration form is still only in English which is a hurdle for many people to get signed up unless they have some help.

A good first step would be to get a topic written on the forum, in French, explaining how to join the network, and to offer to help francophones with the registration form and with participating in community discussions. The information members provide about themselves and their organizations can be in French. Then you can direct your DRC friends and colleagues to visit your topic to add a reply and say hello. I can also invite the existing members as well. Then you will be connected and able to help each other along.

This may be too much to ask of you, but maybe you can also offer to video conference with some of your friends and let them share their screen as they complete the registration form and then show them around the online platform so they can find the translation features in the forum. We can schedule times when I can join you too - my french is not so bad. :wink:

When we get enough momentum going around discussion in french, we can create a category for it like #espanol and #portugues.

Let me know what you think. If you like you can draft the french topic in a private message to me and I can help you whip it into shape, and then we can publish it when you’re happy with it.


Ok, let me work on it. You’ll get it once ready.


That will be fabulous. Thank you! :seedling:

I just checked and we have 44 members in DRC, and 89 members who have indicated they prefer French as their interface language. So there is a good opportunity here to really help.


I also know @BarbaraL was interested in helping to create more discussions in French for many members working in West Africa too!

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Salut les francophones! Comment allez-vous? :wave:

I hope you don’t mind but I moved this conversation out of the new member introductions topic. Here we can identify who might want to get involved and make plans.

As a starting point, I was wondering if one of you might be willing to write a post to welcome francophones to start writing in the forum in french, and to also inform them about the annual survey which is currently open and for the first time this year is available in french! Here’s the link: https://namati.org/network/survey-fr

If you want to volunteer to write the post, let everyone know here as soon as possible! As a next step, once you have posted it, I can create the #francais category to put it in, pin it to the top of discussions, and reach out to all members who prefer french to let them know. It’s about 200 people so far. That’s plenty of people to start some great conversations.

Below is the survey announcement in english which you could use as a basis for your own post in french:

@BarbaraL @AdrianDiGiovanni @erinkitchell @rthioune @mrenaud @yvettes @Fatima @Franck @ppratt


Hi Tobias, merci beaucoup, C’est une excellente idée d’avoir une session en français. Je serais ravie d écrire le post. Merci

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Yay! That is wonderful news. Please go ahead and write the post as soon as you get a chance. Since we’re together in the same room now at the leadership course, let me know when you’re finished writing it and we can review together and decide where to post it.

I think the #community category would be fine for now and we can move it later when we create a new category for french discussions.



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Bonjour Pierre,

Nous avons commencé des discussions axées sur les francophones - vous pouvez lire ce post pour plus de détails.

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Hello @tobiaseigen!

I am from Tanzania and Kiswahili is my first language. Your post about having a forum that may be in Kiswahili just made me so happy.

Should there ever be a need for an event, training or learning session, I would be delighted to introduce interested parties to the Kiswahili language.