Let's talk about citizenship in Liberia

(Kou Dorkago) #1

Can we have a joined awareness on citizenship in Liberia?

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(Mustafa Mahmoud) #2

Hi @koudorkago I would love to know more about the situation in Liberia

(Tobias Eigen) #3

Whoa, sorry @koudorkago - I hadn’t seen this message you wrote last year. I moved it into its own new topic so we can focus on it as a community. Do tell us more about the challenges and lessons learned in Liberia dealing with citizenship, statelessness and access to legal identity!

I trust you are keeping well since our learning exchange in Tanzania! I see your messages from time to time on Facebook, but I prefer to connect with you here in the global legal empowerment network. :heart_eyes_cat:

cc: @Bindu @EleaneKeamue

(Laura Goodwin) #4

Thanks for your post, @koudorkago! I would also be very interested to hear more about citizenship issues in Liberia.

I recently came across this article about a current Supreme Court case on dual nationality - any thoughts on what the implications of the case might be?


I’m interested to learn about the citizenship situation on the ground. The West African region has been very active around issues of statelessness and nationality and I’m curious to hear how that has impacted Liberian communities in their daily lives.


Un sujet aussi important, mais pouvez vous nous donner encore plus de détails sur le Droit de Citoyenneté ?

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