Lets talk about the steps paralegals take to enter a community for the first time

Community Entry :As a community Justice adviser in Liberia, community entry is a very important aspects of my work. It helps. me to get familiar with the leaders of the community. It also enables me to explain to the leaders the kind of work I do. During community entry, I also discuss with. leaders when to visit them.


hello! the steps that paralegals take to enter a community for the first time,first we need any local,regional or national government meetings that are open to the public in your home country and paralegal should attend in order to understand the barriers that exist for the public accessing and attending meeting in the community. Think about the community that you are living in ,that ways can paralegal participate in local community governance meeting. Talk to people who are from a different community ward to you it help you to know if men and women have equal opportunities to participate the issues of human rights in the community living with.