LGBTQ Rights in Africa

Is the law a sufficient protection for LGBTQ Rights in Africa? In recent days via the conversation, Rwanda’s LGBTIQ community has decried Homophobia and discrimination despite protections in country’s international obligations. NOTE, LGBT Rights have no specific recognition in Reanda other than the country being a signatory to most of the international mechanisms that protect all rights including LGBT Rights. In south Africa which is the first and only African country to have in place protective mechanisms for LGBT Rights, there are still reports of hate targeted towards Transgender and Lesbian persons. However in Uganda, a country infamous for the Anti-Homosexyality Act 2014 (no longer law) and has in the recent attempted to reintroduce the same law through a collective statute; Sexual offences Act 2019 (rejected by the president) despite the already existing criminalising of same sex sexual practises has had a rare turnaround when the national Human Rights body tweeted in support of IDAHOBIT2022. What more can Legal Empowerment Justice Advocates do to actualise the law in fighting injustices against the LGBTQ community in both countries where Homosexuality is illegal and not?