Life after forced eviction, victims plight

In January 2022, after the New Years celebrations and everyone was back from their Christmas and new year holidays and settled down to start life for the new year. The peaceful 13 waterfront Community’s in Diobu axis of Port-Harcourt Nigeria, were visited by uniformed men and a few government officials. They went to two of the Community’s and threatened them by word of mouth to pack out within 7 days cuz they are coming to demolish their homes. I was called as a Community Paralegal representative of one of the waterfront communities. I got to the affected two Community’s and saw red paint mark’s on a couple of houses. I immediately alerted my head quarter’s in Lagos Nigeria of the latest development. Our Co Founder came and meetings were held with representatives of the waterfront communities and a resolution was reached. Letters were sent to the Governor through his official office and contacts were made to see the Commissioner for Urban Development and radio stations were approached and interviews granted on this matter. Just when we thought everything was going back to normal, on the 28 of January 2022 the government officials came with bulldozers and demolished all 13 Community’s and rendered over 60000 sixty thousand people homeless and 20000 twenty thousand houses demolished. Today we are faced with humanitarian crisis and those who cannot afford the expensive house rents in other parts of town are still stranded in the demolished sites. Cooking, eating and sleeping in the places where their homes once stood. They need urgent intervention and help so please support the evictees of the Diobu waterfront Community’s affected by the River’s State Government of Nigeria demolition.

This is an unfortunate situation to hear.

What can be another new method to apply if the government personels who are supposed to implement the human right laws become actors in making the commoners very vulnerable?

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