LONG AWAITED NATIONALITY FOR ASIAN STATELESS IN KENYA (Good News!) - Next...- Asian Statelessness Eradication in rest of commonwealth Africa?

I have joined to share Good News of a half-decade advocacy/activism initiative I started and lead that culminated in Asian Statelessness being eradicated in Kenya (brought on by 1980s change in British Nationality Laws). The end aim is to increase awareness of the feat (given that Namati is involved in this area in Kenya) and create a benchmark that can assist similar Asian Statelessness being eradicated in the rest of Africa (British Colonies). Look forward to your thoughts and thanks.


Sahib Singh Khosla FIA FeASK International Consulting Actuary & Risk Professional Academic Actuary – Strathmore Institute of Mathematical Sciences Secretary General – The Actuarial Society of Kenya Republic of Kenya National Actuarial Scholar


This is wonderful. It would be great if you could share with the community how you were able to achieve this. What steps did you take? I am sure many would benefit from this.