Looking for resources on Monitoring & Evaluation? Here are a few places to start

There is A LOT of information and resources online on monitoring and evaluation and it can often be a challenge to know where to start. If you are new to M&E or are interested in staying up-to-date on the latest approaches, here are some of my go-to resources and recommendations:

1. Start by visiting Better Evaluation – when I have a question about M&E my first stop is the Better Evaluation website. It is a great place for information on M&E concepts or a quick summary about a specific evaluation approach. Better Evaluation is a curated website with contributors from many countries. The website is organized around the key steps in an M&E planning process and breaks down often confusing concepts into easy to understand language. I also regularly check their events calendar for upcoming in-person and online learning opportunities.

2. Join a national or regional association – I am a member of the American Evaluation Association (AEA) and have found it to be an incredible resource for learning from and engaging with colleagues doing similar work. Through AEA I have attended free 20-minute “coffee break webinars”, multi-day online courses, and their annual conference. AEA has a specific working group for M&E professionals working in international contexts, but there are also many well known regional associations. Consider joining:

* [European Evaluation Society](https://www.aes.asn.au/)

Many more regional evaluation associations can be found on this interactive map.

3. Sign up for M&E blogs & newsletters – my favorites include:

  • Eval Central – daily emails with compiled information from various M&E blogs

  • AEA365 – a tip of the day by and for evaluators

  • Monitoring and Evaluation News – a blog focused on sharing developments in M&E methods relevant to development programs

  • Stephanie Evergreen or Ann K. Emery’s blogs – for the best tips and how-tos on presenting and sharing data effectively

  • Many more internationally-focused M&E blogs and listservs can be found here

What are your go-to resources for learning about M&E?



This is brilliant! Thank you so much Mia for such an informative post. Will definitely add to this as and when I find anything worth sharing :slight_smile:


Thanks @VidyaViswanathan! Your email inspired me to write this post :grinning:


Estimada Mía, gracias por este jugoso resumen. He intentado registrarme en el curso recomendado, pero es solo para U.S., por lo que desde Todos Frente al Chagas /Chagas Disease Alliance, estaremos atentos a la grabación del mismo, si fuese posible. Cordial saludo!.


This is a wonderful list topic - thank you, @miaschmid! I pinned it to the top of the #learning category so those that follow can find it easily and benefit.

Do keep the list updated as time goes on if you can remember, esp as people suggest more items. We can also make it a wiki topic so other members can edit your post to add more useful resources.


Muchas gracias Tobías! Cordial saludo.

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Gracias @CeciliaInes! ¿En qué curso estabas tratando de registrarte? Puedo tratar de encontrar una grabación si es posible.



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Thanks Mia. These are very useful resources and networks. We shall surely use this.