Maina watene indigenous land

i would like help for restoration for maina watene indigenous land in mathareini village githima sub- location kigumo sub-county muranga county in kenya


@mustafa_mahmoud and others here could be of help.

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Unfortunately I don’t work on land maybe @davidarach could advice.

Thanks @mustafa_mahmoud , I just needed someone to help point him in the right direction.

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Thanks @fatimaadamu and @mustafa_mahmoud! It’s lovely to see you both so responsive here on the forum. :rocket:

@glaysonmaina can you tell us some more details about your situation, what you have tried already, and the help you are seeking?


please expound more … we can brain storm as to how it can be done … have you read the recent COMMUNITY LAND ACT . NO. 27 OF 2016 of Kenya??? the specvial rioghts that come with this act is that A community may, with the approval of its members, allocate land to a member or a group of members for exclusive use and occupation for such a time as the community will determine. However, an individual entitlement shall not be superior to the community title and a separate title shall not be issued.

Further, a pastoral community may grant grazing rights to a non-member of a community. The Act aims at:

  • Giving effect to Article 63 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 (the Constitution) which provides for a classification of land known as community land. To this end, the Constitution provides that community land shall vest in and be held by communities.
  • Providing for, first, the recognition, protection and registration of community land rights. Second, the management and administration of community land. Third, the role of county governments in relation to unregistered community land and related matters.

you should appreciate that The Act requires community land rights to be registered in accordance with its provisions and the provisions of the Land Registration Act, 2012.

In this respect, a Certificate of Title issued by the Community Land Registrar shall be evidence of ownership of the land. This Certificate of Title shall not be subject to challenge, except on grounds of fraud or misrepresentation to which the person is proved to be a party or where the certificate of title has been acquired illegally, unprocedurally or through a corrupt scheme.

The registration of a community as the proprietor of land shall vest in that community the absolute ownership of that land, while, the registration of a community as the proprietor of a lease shall vest in that community the leasehold interest described in the lease, together with and subject to all implied and express rights and privileges.


maina watene indigenous land is not community land in mathare-ini village karamba area

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Hi @glaysonmaina

Please visit our website at Protecting Community Lands You will find some interesting resources including a guide, videos and lessons that might be relevant to you.

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