Making the Law Count: Collection of published stories by CPR-Namati Environmental Justice Paralegals

Dear Friends!

It gives me immense pleasure to share with you all, the first collection of published stories written by the CPR-Namati Environmental Justice paralegals. As part of their work, the community paralegals (enviro-legal coordinators) write about their experiences to create public awareness on the use of law outside of courts as well as engage the readers in these issues. This is a collection of published stories written by paralegals working in coastal Gujarat, North Karnataka and Keonjhar, Odisha.

Each story chronicles the focused efforts and creative strategies undertaken by the paralegals and affected communities to close the legal enforcement gap and seek remedies for environmental impacts. Mostly written by first time authors, these stories were published across various popular news portals and magazines before they were collated to be part of this publication.

The publication can be accessed here: Making the Law Count: Ten Environment Justice Stories by Community Paralegals in India | Centre for Policy Research


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Thanks for sharing Vidya. Will look forward to reading & seeing how these stories may have valid lessons for my river protection projects in Karnataka & Pune.