Makonde Walk for Justice

A group of hundreds of stateless persons from Kwale county Kenya in partnership with local civil society began walking from Kwale to Nairobi to get audience with the president on the status of their registration. The initiative of CONCISE (Coalition for Nationality Citizenship and Statelessness Empowerment) with leadership from Kenya Human Rights Commission empowered the community to take initiative in bringing their issue to the head of state since it was not being addressed by the relevant bodies.

The community got support from human rights defenders from the Coast who walked with them and also received support from the paralegals from partner organisations like in the coast @Lore from Haki Center who also walked with them. They were welcomed in Nairobi by fellow Kenyans and paralegals from Nubian rights forum and the rest of the communities in Nairobi. The walk for justice aims at addressing the statelessness of the community and raising awareness that there are communities that have been in the country since independence but up-to date are not considered as nationals of Kenya. @aishakhagai @Naima_Rajab @Purity_Wadegu @lauragoodwin @zena


We are with the Makonde and others in spirit as they reach Nairobi today! You can follow the walk on social media with the hashtag #Mkenyaniwho and #GiveMakondeIDs

Here’s an article just published by The Star about the walk:

Please share perspectives from the ground @yasahkym @makkahyusuf and others please share your reactions as well @muktar @muktar @michaelotto @Ferghana_lawyers @laurabingham


The Makonde should be commended along with the HRDs.BRAVO

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We’ve just heard the walkers attracted the attention of the Cabinet Secretary, who has agreed to an audience with the President of Kenya - and is escorting them to the Statehouse now. They will have 20 minutes with the President to discuss their demands.


I agree. The Human rights defenders played a very big role


This was a success for citizenship rights programming in Kenya.And certain factors have made this day a reality like;

The coordination by the civil societies in supporting the Makondes’ in their quest to visit state house and have a one on one with the president.

The community themselves were informed on their rights and were not willing to be cowards despite the various challenges experienced on their way to Nairobi. Nothing or no one could stop them from attaining their goal. And this clearly shows just how legal empowerment is an asset to the community.


Quite inspiring!

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