Masterclass at the World Bank conference on Land & Poverty

A group of 15 land rights advocates, practitioners, and researchers joined @rachaelknight and me at the 2016 World Bank Conference on Land & Poverty to learn about Namati’s new Community Land Protection Facilitator’s Guide. We introduced Namati’s methodology and tools - with a focus on how we and our partners practically undertake community land protection efforts. Rachael discussed each part of our four-step approach, including: 1) laying the groundwork; 2) strengthening community governance of land and natural resources; 3) harmonizing boundaries and documenting/registering land claims; and 4) preparing communities to prosper.

After each section, participants asked excellent questions about the complexities and challenges of doing this work. We also spent time discussing as a group how Namati went about developing this Guide, getting input and contributions from partners, and how we plan to improve and expand upon it over the coming years. Many participants had questions and ideas about adapting and applying this approach to their wide variety of cultural and legal contexts.

Many of the participants requested print copies of the Facilitator’s Guide in order to take them back to their organizations and countries to begin integrating the ideas and techniques that it lays out in detail. The Guide is available to anyone for free download at: Community Land Protection Facilitators Guide