Matrix on the Citizenship Bill 2016

In February 2016, Council of Minorities and Namati had an opportunity of interacting with the proposed Bangladesh Citizenship bill 2016. The bill was to reverse all the gains from the 2008 court judgement that granted the Bihari community their Citizenship rights among other violations such as ignoring public participation in the formulation process.

The bill also was to impose itself as the final law on citizenship laws and even the courts could not arbitrate incase an individual is denied his or her citizenship rights. Namati and Council of minorities developed a comprehensive analysis informed by a meeting between the civil society in Bangladesh and the Council of Minorities funded by UNHCR. Contentious clauses were identified in the meeting and Council of Minorities was given the lead role of developing a working paper.

The challenge of such documents is that they are never user friendly and this inspired us to contract a designer to make it appealing to a reader and make it easier to understand even if you are not a lawyer. We would love to have your feedback on how you have handled such issues in regards to advocacy. How do you make a document user friendly? How do you decide who you should send it to? The document can be found on this link.