MEDIA houses as a powerful source for advocating for Citizenship rights

I was watching News last night on one of the local TV stations and among the news was a demonstration that had taken place in Garissa town by the residents who were protesting the delays and difficulties that they face when applying for ID cards. It also went ahead to show some ID applicants in Limuru who could not apply for their ID because they have to wait for a vetting committee to be constituted something which has not been done till now. The media can be used to show the general public some of the challenges that some people face in acquiring these documents and may prompt the government to take action. Media houses should now start giving more news on registration challenges that people face.


@Purity_Wadegu I do agree but how do we bring the media on board to highlight these issues? How do we shift issues of Nationality from an individual’s issue to a national issue? @lauragoodwin @lauragoodwin

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Thanks for sharing @Purity_Wadegu! Do you know if these clips happen to be online anywhere? If so, please do share the link.

Media is a great way to share issues - and build momentum for change, as other people may realize they have the same challenge and join in the struggle - or even learn for the first time about difficulties others face in obtaining essential documents. It’s interesting to hear that there were collective protests on the ID card challenges - I wonder how the event got organized!

One way to get more media attention on these issues (when there aren’t ongoing protests to cover!) could be to explore the many different story “hooks” that may get coverage - for example, this year there may be interest in acquisition of ID cards in Kenya because of the upcoming election. Access to health or education might also interest some journalists, and provide an opportunity to highlight how difficulties in proving one’s nationality or obtaining documents in general affect those areas of one’s life.

@laccnepal @safialabi @Sharifah What do you think? How have you used media to build pressure for change among larger groups of people or even government? How have you balanced individual stories and challenges in getting a single document versus trying to show patterns, and catalyze people to connect their individual issues with a larger group for a collective push for change?


its a good idea using media as the power source for advocating citizenship rights but on the other side we have to know we are dealing with government and creating good rapport with them is the best idea before exposing them to the media,we have to know that they are the final when it comes to accepting the unregistered personnel. though its a good idea…

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Hi @lauragoodwin here are some three links showing the clips from 3 different media houses. I believe that there is need for a paradigm shift by the media from showing matters of just National politics to other issues affecting the citizens.