Meet & Greet in Abuja, Nigeria

Hello Network Members! Sorry this post is coming a bit late. We are excited to notify you of a “National Paralegal Summit” holding at Abuja on the 8th and 9th October 2019.

The event which is an invite only has decided to open up the meet and greet part to accommodate network members.

This is to afford us an opportunity to connect, talk, learn more about how best to interact and gain the most from our network in addition to conversation around strengthening the Nigerian Movement that is.

Please feel free to join us from 3.30pm on Tuesday the 8th of October.

@AimeeOngeso from Namati will be joining us from Kenya! Yeah!

RSVP for details of event.



Dear Fatima,

Great work you’re doing. I am really sad that I missed the paralegal meet and greet.

I’ll be glad to connect with you as I work in Abuja. Bassey.

Hello Bassey, It would be a pleasure to meet and learn more about your work. Please feel free to share additional info via direct message and I’ll contact you when next I’m at Abuja. However, we spent two days together at the National Paralegal Summit and we made a lot of head way. We would be sharing the reports soon.