Member request for sample staff procurement policy

Network member @Mbami.Iliya recently wrote to me asking if other members would be willing to share what they use as standard organizational staff procurement policy so that their organization, the Prison Inmate Development Initiatives (PIDI) in Bauchi State Nigeria, could use these examples and update their own policy.

And so - would anyone be willing to respond or private message their staff procurement policy here? (@deylacurtis, @marthahague, @fatimaadamu) Many thanks in advance!


Hello @Mbami.Iliya, sorry that it took so long, but we have not received many responses to the above question. It is possible that many organizations do not have official human resource policies to begin with. In hopes of providing something of use, I am attaching Namati’s Human Resources/Personnel Policy, which are in line with US laws, but could provide some insight into how it is structured in the very least (see below).

Hope that is helpful, and still encouraging others to post their staff human resources policies! Michael

Namati Personnel Policies Approved 2-17-15.pdf (419.7 KB)

Hi Michael,

Thank you very much for this useful and rich document.

Best regards

Mbami Iliya Sabka PIDI-Executive Director