Member Spotlight: Asylum Access

A Legal Empowerment Approach to the Global Refugee Crisis

“When refugees can enjoy their rights, they are able to meet their own needs in the way they choose; rather than depending on humanitarian handouts, which dictate even the most basic life choices, a rights-based approach gives refugees the power to control their own destinies and contribute to their new homes.”

Our first Member Spotlight focuses on the organization Asylum Access, which directly empowers refugees to assert their legal rights to employment, free movement, financial access and equal protection under the law. They advocate directly with governments to change laws so that refugees can move freely, work lawfully, provide for their families and contribute to their host societies. Their focus of creating a critical mass of countries with strong refugee rights programs that are providing legal services to a large portion of the world’s 16 million refugees, and advocating for strong refugee rights legislation and national leadership has had remarkable success.

If you are interested in collaborating or have any questions for Asylum Access, you can reach out to one of their staff, including @HelenL, @amalia, @nobel, @mattyverburg, @wanrobtoi, @divyavarma83, @JessM.

In 2016, we are starting to introduce members of the Global Legal Empowerment Network through a series of organizational Member Spotlights that can be found on our new Meet the Network page. Member Spotlights are short profile articles that use case studies and ‘key lessons’ to provide useful insights into the work of other network members. Whether you are working in the same country, with similar issues or want to understand new legal empowerment approaches, the Network Spotlight is a useful learning resource.