Member Spotlight: Dynamique Des Femmes Juristes in Democratic Republic of the Congo

Standing up for the Rights of Women and Girls in One of the World’s Most Unstable Regions Truly a dynamic organization, Dynamique Des Femmes Juristes operates in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo and has represented over 700 women through their network of paralegals and lawyers, half of whom were victims of sexual violence. They have targeted thousands of rural community members through awareness-raising meetings, reached over 8,000 people in their women’s rights dissemination campaigns, and trained 120 grassroots women leaders so they can participate in politics in their local communities. Their outreach campaigns have trained hundreds of traditional leaders, military and police in protecting the rights of women, resulting in signed agreements and action plans from community leaders to work for changed attitudes to sexual and gender-based violence.

Read the Member Spotlight here to find out more about how DFJ have developed the potential of women so that they engage in the promotion, protection and defense of their rights. Or ask @claudiakasongo a question here in our community discussions.

Member Spotlights are short profile articles focusing on members of the Global Legal Empowerment Network. Spotlight articles use case studies and ‘key lessons’ to provide insights into the work of network members. Whether you are working in the same country, with similar issues or want to understand new legal empowerment approaches, the Member Spotlight is a useful learning resource. To read other Network Spotlights, visit our Meet the Network page.


Dynamique Des Femmes Juristes (DFJ) will be represented by @claudiakasongo at the learning exchange taking place this month in Tanzania, hosted by the Women’s Legal Aid Centre (WLAC).

From the network team, I will also be there also along with @michaelotto. We are greatly looking forward to spending time learning and sharing with @claudinetsongo and the other participants in the exchange. You’ll be hearing more about the exchange from us soon!

If you have not had a chance to read the DFJ member spotlight yet, now is a great time to do so! Click here to download the nicely formatted 2-page PDF document. You can help us to welcome Claudine and her colleagues to community discussions by reading the spotlight and sharing your reactions and questions here.


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Hi @claudiakasongo! How are you? It’s been a little while since we were together in Tanzania and spoke so I’d love to hear an update from you and your organization. We’ve had quite a few new members join from DRC, who I am sure will also be interested in connecting with you. The latest is @Mashango who also works on women’s rights and human rights in eastern Congo.

FYI - I just realized that your username changed at some point so you are not mentioned in this topic correctly. I fixed it so people can find you more easily. :sunflower:

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Thanks I have downloaded the DFJ Spotlight. it is great for Foyerdenfant+Femme to be in touch with the global legal empowerment network.

So, I hope we will find out more strategies and methodologies to bring up our capacities of working, we still need the support of all.


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