Member Spotlight:

Digital Justice Across the Vastness of Russia is an online project of the Human Rights Institute in Russia that gives 90-100 online legal consultations a month to the most vulnerable and sends out many more email messages of confidential legal advice to poor clients in need of help.

Find the Member Spotlight here and learn how Russia’s Human Rights Institute uses the internet to improve the legal protection of people who use drugs, and prisoners convicted under Russia’s drug laws, as well as improving the legal knowledge of civil society groups, legislators and lawyers through advocacy.

Reach out here to @Hand_help_ru if you are interested in asking for more information.

In 2016, we are starting to introduce members of the Global Legal Empowerment Network through a series of organizational Member Spotlights that can be found on our new Meet the Network page. Member Spotlights are short profile articles that use case studies and ‘key lessons’ to provide useful insights into the work of other network members. Whether you are working in the same country, with similar issues or want to understand new legal empowerment approaches, the Network Spotlight is a useful learning resource.