Member Spotlight: Koshish Charitable Trust

“At any level of justice people must be informed of their rights - so that they can negotiate new terms by insisting on legal process and remedies.”

Read more here about how Koshish Charitable Trust works to empower some of society’s most vulnerable groups in Bihar, India. Through the use of tools such as legal education, community organizing, and social audits that hold local government accountable, Koshish Charitable Trust focuses on self-reliance, empowerment models, and customary justice mechanisms to empower the vulnerable in one of India’s most lawless, impoverished and poorly governed regions.

In 2016, we are starting to introduce members of the Global Legal Empowerment Network through a series of organizational Member Spotlights that can be found on our new Meet the Network page. Member Spotlights are short profile articles that use case studies and ‘key lessons’ to provide useful insights into the work of other network members. Whether you are working in the same country, with similar issues or want to understand new legal empowerment approaches, the Network Spotlight is a useful learning resource.