Mining Companies and Local Communities

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Rachel it’s a brilliant piece and I did enjoy reading it but my concern is the issue of crude oil exploration that has been going on since 1957 in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, where the federal government has claimed ownership of the crude and the IOCs ( International Oil Companies) pay their taxes direct to the federal government of Nigeria and the owners of the land has no say, except for the few handouts they give to them. The IOCs are not in any obligation or law to support Host Community’s and IOUs are more of the description of the IOCs who bring out a little money to keep the peace with the Host Community’s and in some cases even the MoUs are not given to Host Community’s and the company’s implore a divide and rule principle whereby cursing heavy conflicts between the Community’s and these leads to loss of life and property’s of the Host Community’s. How can we as Paralegals address this issues as it’s becoming more dangerous for Host Community’s and the IOCs who have brought in military men to protect their facilities and sometimes enslave the Host Community’s with brutal force when they demand for their rights for compensation after an oil spillage

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There needs to be more capacity building for local communities and spreading of legal knowledge. Moreover, grassroot workers should also amplify their voices to the national law makers to establish frameworks that protect local communities.

Another area to consider is to amplify the need for Nigeria to become a member of EITI (if it is not already). EITI stands for Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, and it holds extractive companies and governments accountable for transparency in this industry.


Rachel pls how do I get contact with EITI it will mean the world to me if I can get connected to them, it’s a serious issue and my people are dying everyday for lack of wisdom and ignorance

Hello and so sorry for this late reply. Please visit their website to learn more -

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