Mombasa county peace champion award

(Mary Oyier) #1

Glory Be to GOD.I am the MOMBASA COUNTY PEACE CHAMPION 2018. A first time program in Mombasa County saw other 24 Women carry home Trophies under various categories. Am inspired to inspire before i expire.

(Tobias Eigen) #2

Congratulations, Mary! That is such a wonderful acknowledgement of your role in your community. We’re proud of you! Feel free to share some pictures and links to social media and press reports etc. We’d love to hear about the other 24 ladies as well and the trophies they carried home. :trophy:

(Danny Manyasi) #3

Wonderful Oyier! You inspire us more here in Nairobi. Keep up empowering!

(Mary Oyier) #4

Thank you @tobiaseigen. This is a first one in Mombasa and Kenya. I thank The Almighty God.

The other 24.

  • Topista is Human Rights activist and employ of MUHURI (NGO)
  • Janet Katisya is a lawyer and she is much on ground on entrepreneurship
  • Sylvia Nganga is a nutritionist working with women in the villages extracting and producing Virgin oil
  • DR Jennifer Riria is the CEO and founder KENYA WOMEN FINANCE TRUST
  • Mishi Mboko is the first Coast elected woman member of parliament
  • MAIMUNA is a member of County Assembly and is vocal on grassroots Via sports
  • Prof Leila Abubakar is the Chancellor Technical univesity of Mombasa,Joice Msafari is Citizen Tv a program specially for women in marriages
  • Maimuna Saad is environmentalist and is on grassroots on landscaping
  • Rahab Wambui a probation officer works well with Children
  • Charity Wakilo expert Organics
  • Elvina Malombk County staff women and gender
  • Baberone Ganguma a police inspector works with street families and orphans
  • Emily Juma (PWD) she is a champion in encouraging her fellow pwds
  • Binti Ali Kiza.Sauti voice of women,rapes,GVB
  • Phyliss Omido whaa eviroment,Nyanja Omar Community worker
  • Nariam Mpata reaching out by sports
  • Julie Munyi. This is a leader.

(Mary Oyier) #5

Thank you@Manyasi.You just inspired me more.What a coicidence that the Award came on 8/3 and on 9/3 Our presidents met in peace hahaha.Kenya is now a peacful Nation.We invite Team Namati over.

(Danny Manyasi) #7

Yes indeed @mariahoyier! Pray peace will usher in justice, as it’s believed the ‘two’ presidents discussed.

New member introductions (8 March to 21 March, 2018)
(Benson Wesamba) #8

Congratulations are in order… Mary.

(Mary Oyier) #9

Thank you @BensonWesamba

(Mary Oyier) #10

Peace is Paramount. No ones knows what was spoken but the handshake has restored peace in our Country. @manyasi Tribalism has also gone down by 45%.We thank God.

(Kevin Nam) #11

such wonderful initiatives that help the realization of women’s powers and accommodation of affirmative actions. i am from Nakuru and would love to join or embark in such programs you can count me in @mariahoyier

(Mary Oyier) #12

Humbled. Will Hook up @nashmeister

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