Mombasa event: Engaging the Community for Peace ONUG PWANI

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Hi Mary! Thanks for sharing about your community event last weekend. Do tell us some more about the event, from the planning to stories about the activities that took place.

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Thank you. We had a great program on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th

Saturday. 7.00Am. ARRIVALS, REGISTRATION and distributions of gloves and waste bags. 7.30Am …Divided in 3 groups to cover the stretch as we collected plastic, bottles,pampers and any harmful object to the marine. You will be shocked at the amount collected collectively. We had Kenya wildlife service, Our members, families, a legal firm Lawquery on ground. The Assistant County Commissioner was present with his family too.

10…00am handed over the garbage to Mombasa County Environment.

11…In our tents courtesy of CocaCola with 200 Chairs we did speeches and the public open visit to Lafayette Corner, Health Talk, And Entrepreneurship. Then the Ocean was welcoming and many went in.

SUNDAY. 23/6/2018


3.00Pm.We planted Palm Trees at the Sea Shore. Seedlings Courtesy of MSA COUNTY Environment.

It was a wonderful experience that we are planning to turn into a monthly program

Here are some of the photos.

Musa in White happens to be Kenya Best Diver. He retrieves bodies from Rivers and Oceans where Navy divers fail. He was once called to England and met the Queen in person. Yet he humbles himself to the Ground.

You need to see this. The joy of the young ones

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I love this - especially the photos. I removed the very short video you posted but added a screenshot from it. Those child gymnasts are talented! :sunny:

These types of community events can be so powerful to create solidarity and a shared sense of purpose and ownership. Nice work. I’d love to see more reports back on the forum from other communities in other parts of the world who are organizing events like this on the local level.

Also @mariahoyier I’d love to hear more tips and suggestions on how you succeed in pulling off these events, and how you convince sponsors to cover things like the tents, seedlings for planting etc. I know it must be a challenge!

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True. A big challenge under. We formed a committee. And approached different stakeholders.A firm offered One kilo meter banner but failed. Another firm offered lunch but failed, Last minute cancellations on 22/6/2018 June was a big blow. Our Committee was broken hearted and advices cancellation too. 3 of us stayed on course as the Key activities was Beach Clean up Blood Donation, And Tree planting. KWS crew offered gloves and bin sacks, County Government offered seedlings and garbage track, Lwawquery donated a Cheque of 5000ksh and 6 Cartons of water. Onug brought in T-shirts and Water too, St. Johns Ambulance brought in first Aiders ,Kenya Red Cross and Coca-Cola Tent and Chairs Onug pwani had to meet the Cost of transport, labour and Security .THE ACTIVITY ihappened Not exactly as per our concept but unique in its own way. We Thank God for that. We were not able to donate blood though people were eager too as the drawers failed to turn up with no apologies. It was Hectic and worth. The world is going BE and we shall turn this into a monthly program in order to promote Blue Economy. It’s said the oceans world wide holds multi billions. We ask NAMATI and any other Org here to partner. We thank the young lawyers from Lawquerry for reaching out to the community.