Monitoring Indian Court orders in the Himalayan region

Hi all!

I have been monitoring judicial orders being passed by the Indian National Green Tribunal with respect to the western Himalayas since three months now. I plotted the location at issue on google maps in the hope to eventually have a detailed visualisation to find out what and where the courts are interested in.

Do have a look at this link and let me know your thoughts/ideas! :


Hey Utkarsh, this looks great, thank you for sharing. The Himalayas have seen so much forest diversion in recent times.

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This is really interesting, @UtkarshJain - thanks for sharing!

Personally, I’d appreciate a simple key that explains what the different colors are representing, though there are plenty of others who have much more sophisticated advice than i do (@marenabrinkhurst @selmamelkich @davidarach :wink: ).

I’d also be curious if you have any initial thoughts on how you might use the data in later stages?

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Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to see how you use this information and develop this project going forward.


Yes and that too because development which the government argues is in public interest - roads, ropeways, tunnels, hydel projects

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Thank you for your suggestions Michael! I have added a legend to the map description. The colors simply represent each of the four different months that I have covered. Many of these cases havent been decided yet, so the plan is to keep monitoring and fact checking on ground. Data from the past four months shows that the issues being looked at by the courts are mostly urban and lie in the lower part of the himalayan range. Perhaps one can reach a more defensible conclusion with 12 months’ data. I’ll keep this community updated with findings!


Thank you! With more months’ data in, perhaps I can figure out how accessible these courts are and whether the issues being pointed out by existing literature are in fact reaching the courts!