Multimedia on statelessness and the right to citizenship

This year several new videos about issues of statelessness and citizenship have been produced. Each uses different techniques to tell powerful stories about how lack of citizenship rights has impacted people’s lives.

Below are some recent videos as well as one from a couple of years back. All of these happen to be from the European Network on Statelessness, though there are many other organizations that have produced media pieces on statelessness or citizenship rights.

What do you think are some of the most powerful videos you’ve seen on the issue of statelessness or the right to nationality? Please share the links here!

What stories or issues have yet to be covered? Are there any videos out there that demonstrate the power of paralegals in empowering people on their citizenship rights?

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Everyone Has the Right to a Nationality

No One Will Notice: Statelessness and Detention, a short film about the impact detention has had on people in Europe.

Related reports on each of these country situations and a toolkit on protecting stateless people from arbitrary detention are also available on the website of the European Network on Statelessness.

Stateless in Slovakia, a series of three videos that integrate animation to tell the stories of people affected by statelessness, such as Ali, a Kurd from Syria:


I’m very interested to watch these! thank you for sharing. I’ve flagged the post in my inbox for when I have an extra few minuets to spare. I will be sure to let you know my thoughts :slight_smile:


Thanks again @lauragoodwin. I watched them, and of like the use of personal stories to exemplify the larger issues. Though I think a couple could have done better jobs at really driving home how statelessness negatively affects their lives. It was either quite vague ( I can’t go to school, I can’t get a job" or “stateless people are left open to human rights abuses” ) or - if you put yourself in the shoes of a viewer with no knowledge on the issue - it wasn’t fully clear why lack of ID resulted in these things.

Of course, with the way YouTube works, a ton of similar ones were then suggested to me. The UNHCR had some good ones, like Leal’s Story..

What I liked about this one is the person affected had a unique, personal experience (kidney issue). When a person has a more specific story to tell about how they have been impacted, it is more…impactful. :joy:lol. I guess that is a good way to think about storytelling in general: Speak about the impacts to make an impact.