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(Fatima Adamu) #1

This is a photo of me at the Airport after two weeks in Bangladesh with some of the most wonderful people in this world. Ready to travel back home to Nigeria, I was exhausted for a good reason and its obvious in this photo.On this trip, I made friends and picked up some family on that exchange (2015)

2017, Namati gave me another wonderful opportunity to learn from the best, another set of wonderful people form Legal Empowerment leadership course and did I mention that I had the most wonderful birthday ever. who wouldn’t @vivekmaru sang me a birthday song together with my brother @michaelotto and others present. Last year at this time, I was feeling pumped! yes excited because I was going to learn from people who were on the field doing similar work or something completely different but it was legal empowerment. Somehow its almost time for another legal empowerment leadership course and I feel the same way, PUMPED! not because I would be attending but because I am excited for those attending because I’m certain they would gain so much that would change their work which would help them impart on many more lives.

I have a favour to ask though, Is it possible for the network to live stream sessions for those of us at home?

(Abigail Moy) #2

@fatimaadamu, you are a jewel in our community! Thank you for sharing your experience with us, and for making the most of our network opportunities.

Live streaming of the Legal Empowerment Leadership Course is a little difficult because the internet quality is not reliable at the venue, HOWEVER we have arranged for video recording of the main sessions this year. Over the coming year, we will be exploring ways to build e-learning opportunities off of these video lectures. Our colleagues @vivektrivedi and @michaelotto are on it. Stay tuned!

(Fatima Adamu) #3

@abigailmoy thank you so much for the response. Looking forward to it and wish those attending this years course wonderful time and learning.

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