My Response to COVID-19 Outbreak in Nepal

Dear friends,

Warm greetings. I hope you this email finds you well. Thank you so much for your inspiration and kind support.

Nepal is weak when it comes to global disease outbreaks. It is necessary to take some steps to prevent the transmission of this virus into the country. I am involved in raising awareness against COVID-19 in Kathmandu.

To reduce the risk of corona virus infection, I am conducting an awareness campaigns I have prepared some campaign materials myself and pasted them on notice boards of some Government/Non-government organizations. I am also encouraging and help them to use hand sanitizer and masks.

I am hereby sending some photographs of my awareness campaign for your kind information.

Please find the attachment. Lots of love,take care.Uploading: Corona 6.JPG… Uploading: Corona Awareness 1.JPG… Uploading: Corona Awareness2.JPG… Uploading: Corona Awareness3.JPG… Uploading: Corona Awareness4.JPG… Uploading: Corona5.JPG…

Madhav Adhikari Paralegal Practitioner Kathmandu, Nepal