My Sister's Keeper; Call for Application

The Emerging Leaders Foundation (ELF) will be rolling out a six (6) months program dubbed My Sisters Keeper(MSK).

The program seeks to improve the ability of young women in healthcare to analyse policies that inform the relationship between communities and healthcare practitioners in order to improve services. My Sister’s Keeper targets women health practitioners within Nairobi County, Kenya. Successful applicants, through MSK, will address sexual reproductive health and rights, lead the social accountability process, conduct civic education and awareness on the daily lives of practitioners as well as get furnished on how to hold health services providers accountable.

The program, which is supported by UNDP is free for all successful applicants and will run online as they await further guidelines from the Ministry of Health on the state of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

Click here to apply.


@zena @makkahyusuf @Zahra @amoory @kasida_abdul Please come check this out. I think youths from your communities might find this useful.

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