Myanmar enacts National Land Use Policy

Myanmar has a new National Land Use Policy! The government refined the draft policy many times over the past two years, with some of the widest public and NGO consultations the country has seen so far. (See Namati’s written feedback on the 5th version.) The cabinet formally approved the policy at the end of last week.

The Burmese language version can be found on the website of the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry here

The English language version is also online

What’s your reflection on the content of the new policy? @yeyinth @caitlinpierce @KhinHtetWai @nyinyihtwe @nantthithioo @timmillar @hsw2005 @rachaelknight


Congratulations!!! This is wonderful news! I can’t wait to read the final approved Policy!

Well done Myanmar team!


Dear Namati, Though you mailed me since 1st Feburary of this year, I have checked this mail.Astonishing excuse is 1. I am always in rural areas as a Jungle Lawyer to have involved land ptroblems in that area ,2 is out of connection there 3 is now in Singapore have a good rest in water festival.Whatever may be , accept my appology first, and then remember me as a active participant in land issues in cooperation with Namati. hsw

Not to worry @hsw2005, we understand that connectivity is an issue for many network members. That’s one reason why we like to use this platform, because messages are easier to find and continue even months after they were first posted.

On this topic, do you have any reflections or thoughts about the new Land Use Policy?