Nairobi to Garissa Learning Exchange Site Visit (10-14 October, 2018)


(Khalid Hussain) #1

It was wonderful trip Nairobi to Garissa, we have gathered a bunch of experience and new ideas on legal empowerment filed. First we met Haki na Sheria’s paralegals and discussed about their activities, success stories and challenges.

We visited Garissa registrar office and met DO of Garissa. We have seen the process of birth application and we talked with some clients in the register office.

On 2nd day we visited MODIKA village and met chief of MODIKA and also met with village orders. The chief described about the village and the birth certificate process and he also said about the challenges of ID card for the Garissa people. After the meeting with chief we entered in the village along with the Paralegals and then paralegals assisted to the villagers to fill-up the birth applications. During the outreach with the paralegals we have realized that paralegal assistance is really needed to the villagers, it is very difficult for the villagers to achieve civil documentations without the help of paralegals.

On day 3rd we visited MADINA village and met with chief of MADINA and after that paralegals started mobile birth registration in the MADINA Village. It was really wonderful experience for us to observe the mobile birth registration. So many villagers were in the queue to apply birth certificate for their kids.

After visiting MADINA village we come back to Haki na Sheria office for debriefing about the 3 days visit. In the debriefing we have highlighted the issue of double registration, veting process and client empowerment issues. At the end we have suggested to Haki na Sheria team to think about national policy level advocacy on double registration and veting process.

In conclusion we can say Garissa exchange visit was full of informative and experience visit for us.

Our team: @lauragoodwin @Uzoma @syrus @natashaarnpriester @Maryama @urdu

(Maryama Farah) #2

Thank you Khalid I’m glad you found your time in Garissa enriching. I’m very grateful for the contributions you gave us and your wonderful suggestions

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